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Writing Resources

Before the beginning of kindergarten your child should be able to:

· Use the correct grasp when holding a pencil, marker, crayon, etc.

· Independently and correctly write his/her first name using both upper and lowercase letters.

· Independently draw recognizable pictures and then explain to you their drawing.


· To help your child with fine motor skills have them play with playdoh, LEGOS, build puzzles, put beads on a string, play the game OPERATION, use tweezers to pick up items in a bowl, etc. If you need more ideas a simple google/Pinterest search of “fine motor activities” will give you a wealth of knowledge.

Below are some more ideas:

Fine Motor Ideas

Sesame Street 

· Cutting is also a great way to help your child develop strong fine motor skills which allows for him/her have an easier time using a pencil and other writing tools. Your child should be using children's size scissors at home as he/she prepares for school. Here is a link to some cutting pages if you need somewhere to get started.

· First 5 California

· Correct your child’s pencil grasp when he/she is using any type of writing tool. Your child should be holding a writing tool like the static tripod grip pictured below.

If you want to read more about where your child should developmentally be at when grasping items with his/her fingers please visit Growing Hands-on Kids.

Types of Grips
Letters and Sounds are the foundation for Writing!

A couple of minutes a day practicing and having fun with letters will help your child be prepared and confident at the start of kindergarten! Here are links for letter flashcards if you need somewhere to start for both identifying letters and practicing letter sounds. Make sure you practice the letters out of order.

Lowercase Letters Flash Cards

Uppercase Letters Flash Cards