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Social/Emotional Resources

Before the beginning of kindergarten your child should be able to:

· Listen to adults and follow simple directions independently.

· Share and play with peers appropriately.

· Take care of things and put them away independently.

· Independently button/unbutton, zip/unzip, put on/take off, etc. their own clothes.

· Try to tie his/her own shoes.

· Use the restroom, wash hands, and do all other necessary self-care independently.

· Begin to teach and guide your child on how to critically think and solve his/her own simple problems and challenges without someone solving it for them (“I can’t find my ____ what do I do?” “I can’t _______ what should I do?”) When a problem arises, have YOUR CHILD come up with possible solutions and then let them try to solve it safely and appropriately on their own.


· At Reynolds we use the Love and Logic model for positive decision making skills. There are great parent resources as well.

· Sesame Street

· First 5 California

· Find preschool story time and event schedules along with checking out books to bring home at the local library

· To help your child with gross motor and social/emotional skills take your child to the park often and let them explore and play with others, attend free preschool storytime at the library (see link above), check out the city parks and recreation schedule or the YMCA for sports or skill classes, etc.