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Math Resources

Before the beginning of kindergarten your child should be able to:

· Independently count to 20

· Independently recognize numbers 0-10 when shown out of order

· Independently count up to 10 objects

· Create and copy simple patterns

· Recognize basic shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, circle) and colors


· LeapFrog videos, games, and learning “toys”

· Sesame Street

· Starfall Learning

· First 5 California

· Search "counting songs" and/or "shape songs" on Youtube

· Shapes flashcards

Numbers All Around Us

A couple of minutes a day practicing and having fun with numbers will help your child be prepared and confident at the start of kindergarten! Here is a link to number flashcards if you need somewhere to start. Make sure to practice identifying numbers out of order

Number Flash Cards

Counting Fun!

When working with counting objects line up toys, blocks, crayons, or anything else around the house and have your child touch and count the items at first with you and then eventually independently.

Patterns are all Around Us

We find patterns in reading, writing, and math. Find ways to have your child continue on a pattern you start and then create his/her own. You can do this with toys (car, block, car, block…what’s next?), nature (rock, rock, stick, rock, rock, stick…what’s next?) and more! You can also work on basic shapes by drawing them in a pattern and having your child name the shapes and finish the pattern you started. Here are some pattern ideas to get you started.

Pattern Worksheets